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Not the Only Lens on Set...........

Working with multiple creatives can be the sweetest dream or a nightmare you can't awake from, harness the best energy on your next shoot.

The #energy on a set has a direct affect on every person involved from MUA to #camera assistant, getting the best content for your #client is dependent on a team that is able to #communicate genuinely and freely.

“Do not be afraid to be inspired by another photographers shot, but keep it classy - compliment the setup and ask to shoot the scene after.”

Working on set with other #photographers can get complicated when clear boundaries are not set. Starting off on the right foot can make all the difference and setting #expectations between one another is a great way to begin.

Make Sure Everyone is on the Same Page

Whether you are the #creative #director on set or an extra lens, getting everyone on the same page is crucial to translating the clients vision. Having mood boards either on #set or shared with all parties involved in advance can give a streamlined idea of the overall #concept the client is looking to convey. Creating a #shoot schedule is another great way to outline expectations for everything from timing and wardrobe to shot ideas and set locations.

Respect Creative Space

“Shooting with multiple photographers can be intense, do not be afraid to take control, the model will thank you!”

I have worked on multiple sets where there was more than one camera. Typically in these cases each photographer is assigned a #model or specific location to shoot away from one another. Alas, every now and then I am working alongside of two or more cameras on the same subject, which can be extremely overwhelming, mostly for the model. When the model is looking at multiple lenses she can be confused on where to look and who to #listen to, this translates in the #images captured. Ideally we want to keep the #subject as comfortable as possible so they can focus on being #connected to the concept. The best thing to do in this situation is rotate photographers. Taking turns gives the model full #focus allowing each photographer to control the shot without fighting for the right #angle.

Network and Enjoy

Being able to make a #living off of your passion is the greatest #gift, waking up everyday #inspired to create something that tells the world a #story. Sometimes working alongside of other creatives can feel like #competition, it doesn't have to be. Control the narrative and #uplift the work of others passions, regardless of the #industry. Creatives can develop a #culture, a community that supports one another and is inspired by the creations that surround them as well as their creators. Every set I am on I make a point to #speak to every person there, regardless of their role. We are all existing with the visions of creative #freedom and #expression, embrace your fellow creative, inspire and be inspired fearlessly!!!!!

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